Managing Director

Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam


As a new Bank, We are aiming to inaugurate 34 (thirty four) branches throughout the country within next 5 (five) years. Rather than expanding branch network largely, we would like to emphasize more on Alternate Delivery Channels such as Mobile & Internet Banking to deliver basic banking services for the vast segment of our unbanked population, especially the underprivileged and rural peoples. Our core mobile financial services will include funds transfer, bill payment, account balance inquiry, account statement inquiry, check status inquiry and transaction history etc. in the form of pull command whereas the inquiry services like minimum balance alert, credit/debit alert and bill payment alert in the form of push command.

With the introduction and expansion of Mobile Financial Services, we would like to widen our customer base not only in the urban areas but also in the remotest areas of Bangladesh. At the moment, there are 5,000 SHANIRVOR Centers, 8,500 plus Post Offices throughout Bangladesh and we would like to provide Mobile Banking Services through a number of Agents including Post Offices & SHANIRVOR Centers. It will ultimately play a significant role in alleviating poverty and ensuring welfare of the marginalized people.

15000 employee, 73 % women, Very successful in Export Jute, Shrimp, Vegetable over 20 Years, Export office abroad also, Agro based finance more emphasis, Development of rural area.

Lastly, I state my honest thanks and appreciation to our clients and well wishers for the massive support and assistance. I expect that, this Corporate Web Site will assist you to find out more about South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank.

Md. Rafiqul Islam
Managing Director